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Gary Hemsely was running for some county political position - I've forgotten which one now. A few things i do remember is he was a part of my church at the time.

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And while I'm toying with it, here's something else to think. My colleague Jim Shella is reporting that Indiana house polls have raised $10,000 in small donations to help to pay for the walkout. However, a hotel stay in the Comfort Suites will runs you about $99.00 a night per specific person. So at any with time 37 Democrats are allegedly staying at the hotel; two are back here located on the House floor and Representative Steve Stemler decided in order to not participate. Written documents 37 Democrats x $99.00 = $3,663.00 a the evening. $3,663 x 30 days = $109,890. But if they've raised only $10,000 in small donations only had $40,000 in their bank that's only $50,000 so how are they paying for remaining $59,890.00? Or am I missing something in the following?

According towards recent political polls, Clinton has the support of 44% associated with those who appear likely to vote associated with election, Giuliani gets 38% and 9% are unsure. Back in a poll at the beginning of September, produced by Clinton 45% and Giuliani 41%.

Those who say they will vote for a Democrat regarding Congressional race come to 47%, where two months ago work out plans 53%. However 25% appear at first sight planing to vote for almost any Republican, which is the same for the reason that was sixty days ago. A true 7% who say will not plan to vote for almost any candidate from either party, compared to 3% in September.