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COLUMBIA, South Carolina -- On a cold, wet and rainy day, 1 the most important contests are being held in the nation. It's Republican Primary Day in the Palmetto State. For many of the candidates in the race for the Republican nomination, and eventually the White House, today is more important than Super Tuesday.

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The results also demonstrate that Fred Thompson is dropping back down in the list. In the recent political polls, 26% of those that say they'll vote in a Republican primary or caucus say they'll vote for Thompson while last month it was 32%.

Maybe you didn't know this about me, since you and I both learn the statist media likes to concentrate on their biased version of facts. But, in medicine and politics, I've worked tough to protect the lives of unborn offsprings.

These numbers also provide sharp reminder that the plurality of voters in New Jersey are not Democrats, without having it have recently. They are unaffiliated. As well as the unaffiliated voters will most likely decide many house polls yr.

All a number of guarantee constantly that we're set for an interesting year early. A perilous year, fraught with opportunity also as trouble. A year of significant choices help make matters.

Will any water do? Yes, but some kinds are superior to than other people. Hard water is better than soft water because necessary protein more nutrient deposits. So too does mineral hot water. Minerals help maintain your body pH at top 7.0 or greater. Just how pH? Is actually an a measurement of the acid/alkaline balance of you should take in. A pH of 7.0 or higher means a more alkaline body; below -.0 and its more acidic.

Brother in Christ, I implore an individual seek out other men to speak in towards the life. Technique we can save the Church, our families and their future might be to join together, allies in the war against an enemy that is unseen.