Adam Lambert American Music Awards Press Conference Interview

In recent years the idea of the battle of the bands has slowly went from a venue the can develop a start wallet and your band whilst proving anyone might have the talent and power to perform live to a lower priced lack luster held for a high school with accordions and suspenders. That is until now, for the past two months Truth and Triumph Tattoo studio together with it's internet show TattooTV has been holding an truly epic battle between some of your best names in local Dayton music scene. Every Friday and Saturday night at Blind Bob's as Oregon District of Dayton various match-ups between these different artists have been taking place. With each night one associated with these groups is eliminated as well as the remaining 2 acts proceed onto the following round.

The new internet voting for American Idol will hopefully allow more Oklahoma City viewers as well as fans in the united states to topic voting thus to their favorite Idol singers. Fans will have the ability to vote via Facebook beyond the show's toll-free mobile phone and unlimited AT&T text-messaging.

What: Check out PEOPLE's online voting page and vote for one's favorite beauty in each age range! You can find me (Sasha D., 35, Rockwall, Texas) inside 30s group and I'd be absolutely tickled to obtain your vote! Voting takes place from April 2-8 and may get cast your vote day-by-day!

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